Fingerprints on paper form

Ink fingerprints on paper form are required if you wish to (among other reasons):
  • Obtain a police certificate from a foreign country
  • Obtain/renew a passport from a foreign country
  • Obtenir a job with RCMP (2 original sets of fingerprints)
Ink fingerprints can be taken on the following paper forms:
  • RCMP (C-216): For most of the foreign countries. Note that some countries require 2 original sets of fingerprints (Ex.: Mexico)
  • FBI (FD-258) : For FBI police clearance (Identity History Summary Checks) or any U.S. states for a specific license (Ex. : Nursing, gaming/alcohol license etc…)
  • Any other paper form: Some foreign countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Ethiopia may require using their own fingerprints paper form
ATTENTION : For any CANADIAN criminal record checks (RCMP), please click here.

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A rigorous inspection of our facilities to protect the data was carried out by the RCMP, which confirms that your personal information is secure.

All our Empreinte Digitale Québec employees were investigated by the RCMP before they could take fingerprints.

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Fingerprints on paper form :