Present a Record Suspension Application

If you have completed a sentence for a criminal offense, it is time to start afresh and to find the job that you deserve. Present a record suspension (formerly pardon) application to the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) which is the only official federal agency tasked of ordering, refusing and revoking the suspension of record pursuant to the Criminal Records Act (CRA).

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Did you know?
Every year, almost 30% of applications for pardons are rejected at the pre-selection stage due to ill-treatment by the applicants (e.g. Omission of a signature, a relevant document, etc.) 1

1 Source: gouvernement du Canada / Travel Advice and Advisories

Using OUR services, what does it mean to you?

  • Lack of administrative delays due to ill-treatment
  • Avoiding multiple travel time during your working hours usually required to obtain the necessary documents for the application
  • The absence of multiple calls and endless searches to properly master the steps to follow
  • Allowing you to spend quality time with the loved ones. Having peace of mind and confidence while your request will be treated with professionalism and confidentiality!

Before applying

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